Photography has been an interest of mine since I was very young.  While traveling with family I would forgo the traditional souvenirs in favor of a roll of film for my Fisher-Price camera.  Those snapshots became my memories and keepsakes of the journey.

While I don’t know that my skill level has increased dramatically, my passion for photography has.  It provides me a way to capture a moment and the experiences that I treasure.

As a (very) amateur photographer, I don’t have a specialty.  I do have subjects that I prefer, including:

Chicago Front Lawn

The City of Chicago

LA, New York, D.C.,  I’ve taken pictures of most major American urban centers. But I’ve only photographed Chicago.  I see it not as concrete and steel, but a living entity.  Change over time, and observing areas not on a tour, make my images of the Windy City my favorites.  See them here.

Chicago Union Station


Noting captures the excitement and romance of travel like a train.  There is not a better artifact to tell the story of American industry than our rail network.  The history and intrigue of trains has led me trackside often.  See the photos here.



My Dog Wrigley 

Because he’s frickin’ cute.  See proof.






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