“Dan was very entertaining, enthusiastic, and inspiring. I really enjoyed how real he was with us.” ~ Auburn University Student

The session with the commissioners provided some very helpful information on relationships and overcoming obstacles in working together, … it was fun and also highlighted important aspects of organizational communicationThanks for helping us function better as a city.” ~ Mayor of Mid-Sized Michigan City 

“Dan is one of the most powerful speakers I have ever had the opportunity to listen to, he provides stories that are personal, sincere, and make him relatable.” ~ Dominican University (CA) Student

“Dan is optimistic, upbeat, and inspiring. He believed in us. Dan made me realize my potential, that my dreams are possible.” ~ UCLA Student

“He’s not from here, so he has a funny accent.” ~Auburn University Student

“I appreciated Dan’s ability to recapture our energy and I especially loved his vulnerability, I loved that he trusted us with his stories.” Emory University Student

“Dan’s strength is managing a large group and ensuring that everybody is included. Dan mixes his sense of humor with high integrity, his passion is contagious!” ~ Susquehanna University Administrator

“I had the opportunity to listen to Dan at a Chamber of Commerce event, and my daughter attended several of his programs and was super motivated.  Therefore, when my Building Business Connections committee was looking for a keynote speaker I naturally thought of Dan.” ~ Staff Manager, Clare Area Chamber of Commerce

“Dan’s leadership knowledge is remarkable, I look up to him as a professional in the field.” ~ Auburn University Faculty Member

“Dan, you inspire me to be a better leader.  You have made such an impact on how I see the world around me.  The stories you shared gave me chills, and I will treasure the memories I’ve made forever.  Your commitment to us and leadership is one of the greatest gifts in this world.” ~ University of Iowa Graduate Student

“Dan is an excellent speaker, he upholds the vision and ideals that he teaches.” ~ Michigan Tech. Student

“I appreciate Dan’s ability to be objective and be the moderator to let us discuss and discover.” ~ University of North Carolina Student

“Dan is an amazing talent, my entire team is closer and more engaged in their work.  Our operations have become smoother now that everyone is on the same page and understands their role on the team!” ~ Target Store Team Leader

“Dan’s joyful spirit is one that brought so much light to this program. I am so happy he was part of something so great in my life. Thank you very much!” Susquehanna University Student

“Everything about Dan’s approach and delivery was great. His enthusiasms and ability to engage students exceed my expectations!” ~ East Carolina University Student


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All program pricing is based on the organization, length of program, and location of the event.  To get started, contact Dan to inquire about developing a program for your organization!

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