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Iowa LeaderShape Institute 2017

A week at the LeaderShape Institute is always impactful.  Being around young adults who thirst for a better world renews my energy.  It is a reminder that what we do as leadership development professionals matters. In January 2017 I was

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Leadership Matters at CMU

Feeling valued is important. At some level, everyone needs to know that they matter. The Leadership Institute at Central Michigan University has certainly been valued differently through its existence. Born as a beloved project of President Leonard Plachta, the early

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Effective Leadership Theories: eLearners Interview

In a recent interview with eLearners, Kelly Bray DeSola asked me a fundamental question about my work to develop the next generation of leaders, “What would you say are the most important traits of an effective leader?” I believe that successful

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Primal Leadership: Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

  On Wednesday, November 19th I had the pleasure of serving as the speaker for the Mt. Pleasant Area Chamber of Commerce Professional Development Series. Thirty-five community members participated in the session titled: “Emotional Intelligence: Who Do I Want To Be?”

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Freshmen Leadership Scholars Become Freds

For the past five years students enrolled in my LDR 100: Introduction to Leadership Education and Development course have been assigned Mark Sandborn’s Fred Factor. In addition to being an author, Mark is a well-known speaker and trainer with a

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When I Am At My Best

Do you get to do what you do best everyday? It seems like a simple thought, but the truth is many of us find ourselves struggling through work, school, or personal relationships mired in tasks that do not allow us

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A World United: The Centennial College LeaderShape Institute

The Centennial College LeaderShape Institute was held  in October in London, ON. Fifty-nine Centennial students gathered at the Ivey Spencer Leadership Centre for the six-day experience. Centennial College in itself is unique: it is the oldest provincial college in Ontario, the

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Back to Eagle Village: the 2014 LAS Mentoring Trip

Exhausted, I climbed aboard the old blue school bus. I had just had the time of my life. I had shared laughs with best friends, and had made new friendships that I knew were for life. Feeling satisfied with my

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Leading from Core Values

To lead from your values you need to know be in touch with your values.  A simple premise, yet a powerful statement. This was underscored last week while facilitating a session for the Rollie Denison Leadership Institute (RDLI) offered by

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The Importance of Showing Up

Leadership is commitment. Leadership can be defined, and has, thousands of ways.  The distinction for me though has always been through action.  Sometimes it is the simplest of actions that speak the loudest.  Take, for example, showing up. This past

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