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Enjoy your Thanksgiving, But Don’t Feed the Trolls

Most every American family has their Thanksgiving traditions.  Rare is it that you realize in the moment when these traditions begin. For my family and me, Thanksgiving 2016 was one such time.  It was a warm feeling traveling with Erin

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Can We Diversify our Classrooms if We Fail to Diversify the Front of the Classroom?

The promise of higher education is great.  Perhaps more than any other factor, education gives people social mobility and creates opportunity.  However, our institutions of higher education are products of our society – and reflect its imperfections.  Groups marginalized in

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Welcome to the Family: #LAS2015

The Leader Advancement Scholarship is unique, no other college or university has a program as comprehensive as the Leadership Institute’s elite scholarship cohort. This program combines an academic Protocol with four years of sequenced co-curricular activities, a living learning community,

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When I Am At My Best

Do you get to do what you do best everyday? It seems like a simple thought, but the truth is many of us find ourselves struggling through work, school, or personal relationships mired in tasks that do not allow us

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Multicultural Education Excursion with Residence Life

In April of 1997 I met Saul Raimi. Saul was born in Mlawa Poland in 1924, a small town 80 miles outside of Warsaw. He told me of his life as a young boy in Poland. One of six siblings,

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