Iowa LeaderShape Institute 2017

The 2017 University of Iowa LeaderShape Institute Faculty

A week at the LeaderShape Institute is always impactful.  Being around young adults who thirst for a better world renews my energy.  It is a reminder that what we do as leadership development professionals matters.

In January 2017 I was fortunate to spend six days with students from the University of Iowa.  I’ll forever be better because of this week.

Even before I landed in Cedar Rapids, I knew that I had an affinity for these students.  I emailed Lilián, one of our student coordinators, and as an introduction I asked, “what do you love about being at Iowa?”  The simplicity of her reply struck me: “Iowa students have a humble ambition.”

Humble ambition.  I loved the connotation.  An assurance that our voice matters, that we have the ability to create change, but we do it in a way that exudes not only confidence, but humility and respect.

After a week in Iowa, I agree.  Thank you, Hawkeyes for a memorable week.

See my photos from the week on Facebook.


Dan Gaken is a student affairs administrator, author, and leadership trainer with 10 years of professional experience, primarily in the field of student leadership development. Dan builds environments where others are able to create something that excites them.

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